About us

Last 14 years, INFOSE COMPANY.,LTD. have been provided the bidding information and consulting service of the Republic of Korea PPS information. Every year, we specialized in Republic of Korea the best procurement information, have grown our business, and we acquired the 300,000 current members companies. We provide services such as Bidding information of municipalities, government agencies, national institutions and so on, to our member companies. And we have been offering variety of services such as Multiple Award System(MAS) registration agency, offering international bidding information.

So we increased the partnership agreement with member companies
to serve reliable goods and services to the Republic of Korea government
procurement market owned technical know-how company.
They all are vendors of INFOSE COMPANY.,LTD.
In addition to this we operate a professional trading company
established by us for overseas market reclamation for the excellent
goods and services of members.

Items in the brochure that have already been supplied to Republic of Korea PPS
products are listed, was verified superior quality products that are competitive
with prices obtained.
We are confident that our company will be sufficient for the goods,
addition to requesting a brochure listing your items.
Please check the brochure, and we look forward to contacting your
buyers looking for a good quality of our products.
Thank you.


President. Choi Dong-jin


Address : 71, Jookdong-Ro, Yusung-gu, Dae-jeon, Korea Rep
Tel : +82-70-4864-1012     /    Fax : +82-505-990-7700